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1. Sourcing and research
in the high fashion and emerging brands, in menswear and  womenswear as well as in accessories, homewear, fine and custom jewellery and  promotional items through showroom scouting and fair attending.

2. Communication - We help the flow of information which is vital not only within the client's own infrastructure but also between the client and manufacturers.
3. Licensing - Given the connections it has, Avesani srl is able to pull some strings in order to obtain licences for its customers from different brands.
4. Negotiation of payment terms as well as prices and conditions in order to obtain the best possible deal on behalf of the client.
5. Product development of private label items (as well as products for promotion and  advertising) including design, sampling and production.
6. Franchising - Over the years we have followed all aspects of franchising for boutiques - negotiation, location, terms and contracts as well as budget formulation and eventual monitoring and supervision of the franchise activity. Avesani srl has worked for many years with Mrs Christina Ong in negotiating franchises for her Club21 group with Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Bulgari and Marni in the United Kingdom and South East Asia.
7. Buying - If requested, we provide a full service in terms of order placement and follow up as well as quality control, defective claims, returns, deliveries, reassortment and liaison with manufacturers.
8. Marketing - We are responsible for coordinating all the Italian products for the  prestigious Club21 Magazine. We obtain samples and prepare and organize the shipment as well as overseeing the coordination, selection, styling and editing of the product mix.
9. Organizing the customers' agenda - We provide a full service in terms of scheduling showroom appointments, managing the best hotel corporate rates, booking hotels, restaurants, means of transportation and organizing business meetings.
10. Outlet business - Avesani is providing services based on a 10 years experience to help  introductions and contacts for surplus stock business operators.
11. Mergers&Acquisitions - Avesani srl can help identify new investment opportunities in the luxury industry which includes apparel, accessories, footwear, jewellery, bringing unique operating experience and insight to a portfolio of companies helping to identify existing new opportunities for investment.
12. Hospitality - Avesani is also able to arrange short and medium term stays in a private  property, following the "home away from home" philosophy.